How to Report a Problem: Scan the QR code!

From July 1, 2024, house-related reports can only be made using the QR code placed on the inside of the front door. The introduction of the QR code is intended to improve the service to you. The facility phone will no longer be available for maintenance calls.

What to do in three simple steps:

Stap 1: Scan the QR Code with your smartphone

Step 2: Fill out the online form completely (fields marked with a star are required) See example below

Step 3: Save the form

What can you expect from Stay 21?

1. Your request will automatically be loaded on Stay 21’s maintenance system.

2. You will receive a e-mail confirmation of your request.

3. You will receive the name of the technician and the inidcated deadline to attend your request.

4. Our technician will make every effort to complete your request within the given deadline.

5. During the process you will receive updates by e-mail

What not to do:

For maintenance tasks, you no longer use the facility phone. Only the QR code will be accepted.